Day 9 – Pyay to Myanaung

We got up early to get ahead of the heat and had a big breakfast. When we set off it was very cool and it was nice riding. We crossed the Ayerawaddy for the first time on the bridge just south of Pyay. The road was a bit hilly for a while but nothing too bad. When it flattened out we made good progress, although there was little shade and it became quite a slog in the late morning



 Myanaung is a tiny place. We found a basic guest house (called MMO) and got some food at a bar across the road and then got some rest. 
Sleeping was not so easy! Some of the temples seem to insist on broadcasting recordings of monks praying over loud speaker. Sometimes it’s just during the day, but this one kept going ALL night. It’s like the call to prayer that you get in Muslim countries but constantly! So I got about 1-2 hours sleep…which obviously not the best recovery during a bike trip. But things like this are pretty common on bike trips in my experience. Always one night where sleep doesn’t happen for one reason or another…


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