Day 10 – Myanaung to Hinthada 

Writing this at 5am from my comfortable bed after a full 8 hours sleep in a guest house in Hinthada (called The Lucky guest house). The loud speaker monk prayers have started up but thankfully they were not all night!!

Yesterday was a bit of a slog due to lack of sleep. We set off early again and made really good progress on flat and beautiful roads. We had a fun bridge crossing, a fun lunch at a road side place and a break from the sun in the middle of the day. Didn’t have much energy though.


We rolled into Hinthada mid afternoon and were searching for guest houses when a very kind man stopped on his motorbike and gave us each a bottle of cold water, and then helped us find a nice guest house 😀 we’ve generally found Burmese people to be very kind and generous.

  After some clothes washing we went and had a monster meal at a local restaurant and were in bed by 8pm…..Zzzzz


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