Day 6 – Yenangyaung to Aunglan (~170km)

We started the day with a wonderful breakfast overlooking the river

Last night Eric told us that there was a new tarmaced road on our route that could save us some time. It would mean we could get to Aunglan in 1 day rather than 2, but would be a long day on the bike…and it was. We were on the road for over 12 hours with a 2 hour rest from 1-3pm to avoid the sun. ~170km in total we think.

 Our road side rest stop

The road was brutal. Constantly up and down, so it was slow going. The last 3 hours were in the dark, which was kinda fun, but since lorries travel at night here, was a little bit disconcerting. We have lights that mean we were lit up like Christmas trees though.

We are staying at the Win Lite guest house which is nice. What is not nice is the Buddist monk prayer that is being broadcast over load speaker continuously somewhere close. Luckily things all quietened down around 11.30pm

We had a nice dinner of chicken fried rice and beer across the road.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit flatter and then as we’ve saved a day, we might have a rest day at Pyay 😀


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