Day 5 – Bagan to Yenangyaung (100km)

We had breakfast at 6am and were on the road just after 7am. It was cool enough that I put my fleece on. The road was flat as we headed out East towards Kuaukpadang and we made good progress. Then the road started to climb which slowed us down a bit.

After about 2hrs Nick remembered that he’d left his passport at the hotel. We pulled over at a small roadside shop and decided what to do. We phoned the hotel and after a while they said they would send a driver to our next hotel in Yenangyaung with the passport. My phone has 3G connection almost everywhere so we were able to email them the hotel details. It all seemed good so off we set once more.

Road side stop deciding what to do about the passport

 Nick calling the hotel about his passport

 Little friend we made at the stop

We had a brief rest at a shaded place further along the way and just as we were setting off we met 4 other cyclists doing the same route, so we chatted with them and cycled with them for a bit.

Pit stop

We had a chicken curry lunch and then found a lovely spot for our roadside rest from the midday sun, watching rural Burma go by. It was just across the road from a primary school so I went and had a look which caused a bit of commotion. Not sure many of the kids had seen a 6ft white man with red mirrored shades and cycling Lycra before…

Midday rest stop in the shade

The road to Yenangyaung was wonderful. Almost all tree lined shade, flat and with the temperature dropping we made good speed.


Took us a little while to find the guest house. One kind man got on his motorbike and showed us the way.

Lei Thar Gone guesthouse is amazing. It’s perched on a ridge overlooking the river and the sunset was lovely.

 Room at Lei Thar Gone guest house

Nick’s passport was waiting for him when he arrived (this would not happen in any western country I can think of). All due to the efforts of Eric at Lei Thar Gone and the staff at Zfreeti Hotel.

We had a lovely dinner at Lei That Gone and chatted with the owner Eric. The guesthouse supports a school for orphans and is a very impressive and worthwhile achievement.

For the first time I got 7 hours sleep all in a row!
 Sunset from Lei Thar Gone guest house


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