Day 4 – sightseeing in Bagan

We started the day with a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the temples of Bagan. We got picked up at 6am and driven to a field nearby where we had coffee and cakes, before the flight with a company called Oriental Ballooning.

Richard, our pilot, was a British guy, who spends half his year in Bagan flying balloons everyday in perfect weather. He did a great job of explaining the art of ballooning.

There were 21 balloons all taking off at the same time which was quite a sight once we were all up.

Filling the balloon with hot air

Taking off with all the other balloons

Unlike any other form of transport the balloon was super smooth. There was almost no sense of acceleration or wind.

The views were spectacular. There are literally thousands of temples (with doors) and pagodas (without doors) to see. And all flanked by the Ayerawaddy River.

Landing was quite fun. With 21 balloons all heading for the same field it was amazing how precisely the pilots were able to land them up in a line ( although a few got it wrong, with one landing in a tree…). After we landed we had champagne and fresh fruit…before heading back to the hotel where we had a huge breakfast 😀

We then hired a couple of electric bikes to scout round on to visit lots of temples, which was great fun. We had a chicken curry lunch at a nice place by the river.

 Nick found a place to get a massage on his back and I sat by the hotel pool for a while. We had dinner at a nice place called The Black Bamboo.

Warm up is now over. Contemplating the 8 days straight now on the bike. Getting in the miles before the sun gets hot is going to be key I think. We aim to leave by 6.30am. Shouldn’t be a problem as I’m writing this at 2am, having been woken up by some noisy hotel guests….


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