Day 3 – Myingyan to Bagan (60km)

After the heat of yesterday we decided to head off as early as possible so were on the road at 8am. By that time I’d been up since 2am due to a rather loud air con unit outside my room, but these things happen now and again when travelling imo.

The road out of Myingyan was very flat so we made really good progress, although the weight of the bikes means not quite getting the same average speeds as back home on the road bike 😉

People continue to be very friendly. When we started off it seemed all the scouters had kids on the way to school. after an hour the roads were very quiet.

We were hoping to get our first sight of the Ayerawaddy river, but despite being close we only glimpsed it in places. We saw some nice temples though.

We had our first mechanical when Nick got a puncture, but it was easy to change. As the heat started to build we started to slow down but made it to Bagan by lunch time.

The hotel (Zfreeti hotel) in Nyuang-U is very nice. We are both pretty tired now so we had lunch, a siesta and then went for dinner. Looking forward to tomorrow and looking around the temples of Bagan 😀



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