Day 1

The trip to Mandalay was very smooth. Marie-Louise and Beth saw us off at the airport and then boarded the 11 hour flight to Bangkok. We had to clear customs in Thailand and then recheck in the bikes on the 1.5hr hop to Mandalay. 

Mandalay airport is pretty small and we cleared customs without any fuss and bikes were in good shape when they arrived.  

 We changed a few hundred dollars at the airport, Nick brought a sim for his phone (12,000 Kyat) and then we got a private bus into town (18,000 Kyat).

The hotel (Hotel Yadarnabon) is nice in some back streets off a big main road. We had a nice walk around town before dinner around the old palace grounds and had dinner.

Slept well but was up and wide awake at 3am, so ended up going for a wander around town. There was some kind of band playing in the distance so curiosity got the better of me and I went and found that.  And then couldn’t resist one of the street cafes selling these amazing bread dumplings.

  Just had a second breakfast with Nick on the roof top restaurant and now getting ready to head off! 109km to Myingyan….


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