Have spent the day packing up all my stuff and getting a few last bits.

Am taking my bike in a big box and will have my pannier bag as my hand luggage. Just weighed it and it is 6.5 kilos. All the tools, toiletries and a few other bits are in the bike box right now, so will will probably be carrying ~10 kilos on the bike, which is pretty good i think.

Here are some photos of all the things I’m taking


Helmet, Shoes, Oakleys, gloves, 2x(Cycling shorts, Top, undervest, socks)



Trousers, long sleeve shirt, shorts, trainers, fleece, 2x t-shirts, swimming trunks, socks and underwear

Paper map of Myanmar, Passport,  Tickets, Money, Visas


Kindle (with Myanmar guides), plug adaptor, glasses, camera, various charger cables, iphone case, top tube bag for bike.


Cable lock, front and back lights, Tools (spanner, multi-tool, tyre levers, chain tool, mini-pump), Spares (2x inner tubes, 2x gear cables, tube patches, chain lube, bolts, zip ties)


Mozzie net, 14 energy bars, insect repellent, sun cream, shampoo, travel wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, plasters, malaria tablets, pain killers, imodium, rehydration salts, insect/bite cream


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