Rough itinery

Here is my first attempt at the route. Trying to do this trip in 2 weeks, which is a bit tight, but just about doable, riding around 100km a day, with some days for sightseeing.

I’ve put clickable links to some of the places that we’ll stay.

Day 1 : Leave London (London -> Bangkok -> Mandalay)

Day 2  : Arrive Mandalay

Day 3 : Mandalay -> Myingyan (100km)

Day 4 : Myingyan -> Bagan (75km)

Day 5 : sight seeing in Bagan

Day 6 : Bagan -> Yenangyaung (100km)

Day 7 : Yenangyaung -> Taungdwingyi (110km)

Day 8 : Taungdwingyi -> Aunglan/Thayet (100km)

Will need to get boat over river from Aunglan to Thayet

Day 9 : Thayet -> Pyay (90km)

Day 10 : Pyay -> Myanaung (110km)

Day 11 : Myanaung -> Hinthada (110km)

Day 12 : Hinthada -> Nyaungdon (100km)

Day 13 : Nyaungdon -> Yangon (80km)

Day 14 : Sightseeing in Yangon

Day 15 : Fly Yangon -> Bangkok -> London

Total : 950km + 50km faffing about getting lost = 1000km!!!



Plan update + Flights

I now think it might be better to ride from Mandalay to Yangon. I think the region around Mandalay is more touristy, so might be better to get started there. It will be 2 days to Bagan, and then we can have a “day off” to sight see round Bagan, and then head off south to Yangon….

Flights are a little tricky. You can’t fly direct to Burma from the UK. Best option looks to be a BA flight to Bangkok in Thailand, and then get a Bangkok Airways flight to Mandalay. We can then do the reverse trip from Yangon.